7 hottest yoga moves to prevent fat accumulation! Collect to practice every night!

lose weight slim body yoga pose

Having a strong and healthy body can help us increase self-confidence. But to keep the body in good condition, dieting is not enough.
Maintaining a good figure requires not only paying attention to a reasonable diet, but also ensuring that the body has enough exercise every day. Today I will recommend 7 yoga poses that can help us lose weight. Let's practice at once!

1. Chair pose

chair pose
Chair pose can stretch your hips, chest and spine; strengthen thigh and ankle muscles. Not only can it improve the balance of the body, it is also very effective for reducing the fat accumulation in the buttocks.

Main points of asana: standing in a mountain pose, with feet separated from hips. Stretch your arms forward, palms inward. Your elbows and knees must be straightened. Then imagine you are sitting in a chair. Bend your knees and sit your hips back. Keep your knees below your toes, keep your calves and thighs as vertical as possible, and maintain at least 5 deep breaths during this movement.

2. Half Spinal Twist

half spinal twist
This pose can adjust your spinal nerves, maintain the flexibility and health of the spine, increase the flexibility of the hips and spine, massage the abdominal organs, promote digestion and detoxification, and improve the use of the lungs during breathing.

Main points of asana: Sit up and straighten your waist, legs straight, feet close together. Hold the right ankle with your right ankle and lift your knee upwards. Place your right foot on the outside of your left knee. Twist your upper body to the left to support your left hand sideways and open your shoulders. Keep at least 5 deep breaths during this movement.

3. Plow pose

plow pose
Plow pose can regulate our body's metabolism. The spine and shoulders are well stretched, stimulating the abdominal organs and thyroid, and can also treat back pain, relieve insomnia and headaches.

Asana key points: Sit your legs together and straighten your hands, and put your hands naturally on both sides of your body; then lift your legs from the floor to 9 degrees; then lift your hips to make the hips drive the lower back and keep your legs straight , The toes of your feet fall to the front of your head; your hands can support the ground or support your waist here, and maintain at least 5 deep breaths during this movement.

4. Bridge pose

bridge pose
Bridge pose can stretch the chest, neck and spine, and at the same time can tighten the thigh and buttock muscles and eliminate back pain.

Main points of asana: Lie on your back on the mat, lift your knees upward to bend your legs, your feet should be the same width as your hips, your feet should be close to the ground, leave a punch between your heels and hips, and lay your hands flat. Then lift the pelvis upwards to lift the back off the ground, hands can support the ground, or interlock your fingers under the hips to open the chest cavity more. In the pose, pay attention to keep the knees no more than the toes and maintain at least 5 deep breaths in this movement.

5. Downward-Facing Dog

down doy
Downward-facing dog can enhance core strength, improve indigestion, strengthen arm and leg muscle strength, and improve blood circulation. It is the most common stretching pose we do.

The main point of the asana: we first came to the big worship, raised the hips to make a straight line between the back and the arms, then kept the straight line of the back, and continued to raise the hips to the straight legs. In the pose, pay attention to keep your shoulders away from your ears. If the back of your thigh is too tight, you can keep your upper body straight, bend your legs, raise your heels, and keep at least 5 deep breaths in this movement.

6. Plank pose

plank pose
Plank pose can shape the lines of the waist, abdomen and hips, help maintain the balance of the shoulder blades, and make your back lines more charming. Exercise the core muscle groups to make you leaner and healthier, and keep away from lower back pain.

The main points of the asana: from the lower dog style, the body's center of gravity moves forward, and slowly comes to the prone position, the elbows support the ground, the shoulders, elbows and wrists are in a vertical line, tighten the abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles, the thigh muscles tighten upwards, the body appears A straight line, the back stretched out into a plane, hold for at least 1 minute.

7.Bird Dog

In addition to strengthening the muscles of the abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, and thigh femoral biceps muscles, the bird dog pose also has the effects of reducing fat in the waist, abdomen and arms, tightening the hips and tightening the hips, and at the same time improving the body's balance.

Main points of asana: The body is supported by four corners, the arms and thighs are perpendicular to the ground, and the insteps are on the ground. Inhale, raise your head and collapse your waist, and stretch your right leg back and up. Exhale, bow your back with your chest arch, bend your right leg, knee close to your forehead, straighten your toes, and keep your instep on the ground. Inhale, raise your head and collapse your waist, stretch your right leg back and up again, and exhale back; after repeating at least 4-6 times, change sides to practice.

Being slim not only makes you look beautiful in appearance, but also ensures the health of various organs in your body. So what are you waiting for? Practice now! ~

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