7 practical mudra meditations to unlock the chakra energy and repair the body and mind

7 chakra meditation

Chakras are the key to human life, communicate material and spirituality, and are the core of vitality. When the chakras are opened and in an open state, life functions are functioning normally, and when the chakras are blocked, the body will have corresponding diseases.
Therefore, when the body has symptoms, it is necessary to open the blocked chakras through the mudra and voice meditation corresponding to the chakras to complete the physical and mental repair.
seven chakra chart
1. Crown Chakra/Sahasrara: the gateway to wisdom
 Crown Chakra / Sahasrara
Interlace the fingers of both hands, raise the little fingers of both hands so that their fingertips face up, and then place both hands on the top of the head.
The Sahasrara is connected to the cosmic energy and is in charge of comprehension. When the crown chakra is blocked, the human body will frequently experience symptoms such as tinnitus and headache. At this time, the crown chakra must be opened through the corresponding mudra and meditation voice.
Before meditating, move your body gently. After your body is fully relaxed, sit still and focus on the top of your head. To make a meditative voice of "eng" (hum), one must clearly feel the vibration of the head, which breaks through the heavy resistance of the head.
If there is a slight heat at the top of the head, it means that the crown chakra is being slowly opened up. Continuing to visualize, the energy of the universe is introduced into the crown chakra through specific mudra. As the voice becomes louder and louder, the crown chakra vibrates continuously, and the headache symptoms caused by the hindering of the crown chakra will be relieved to a certain extent.

2. Third Eye chakra: prolong concentration time
third eye chakra

Touch the thumb and little finger of both hands upright and point to the center of the eyebrows. The other fingers of both hands are bent at the knuckles and touch each other.
The eyebrow chakra is connected to the pituitary gland, pineal gland and nervous system. When the eyebrow chakra is blocked, the human body will produce huge pressure and cause loss of concentration and easy forgetfulness.
The voice corresponding to the eyebrow chakra is "om" (奥), which symbolizes the power of mental cognition, which can open up the brain nervous system and continue to affect the pineal gland to restore it to normal levels.
The mudra and the voice should be synchronized, and at the same time, visualize the airflow when chanting the voice. After opening the brow chakra, there is a whirlpool-like energy hovering at the brow chakra. Focus on the whirlpool energy and take several deep breaths. The whirlpool is on the brow chakra. The place keeps expanding, and the longer one's concentration lasts, the better the meditation effect.

3. Throat Chakra: the center of spiritual power
throat chakra
Touch the thumbs of both hands, cross the other fingers to form a circle, and place the handprint on the bottom of the throat chakra.
The throat chakra is the central station of physical and mental energy, and the connection point for the ascent of human nature to divine nature. When the throat chakra is blocked, the human body is prone to swelling and sore throat, and at the same time, it may not be able to communicate with others and express itself.
This meditation training is carried out after waking up early in the morning, sitting cross-legged. Before meditation, do 10 abdominal breaths. When the mind is concentrated, make the corresponding mudra movements, and clearly pronounce the meditative voice of the throat chakra "ham" (ha). Each time the corresponding voice is recited, imagine the throat The Ministry is constantly free from the tense and rigid state.
The tone changed from slight to strong and loud. The tense and stiff state was constantly impacted and released by the vibration of the throat, and then there was an unobstructed, refreshing and relaxed feeling.
After that, I focused my visualization on problems such as swelling and sore throat and expression barriers. I visualized that I was confident, clearly and fluently to express my views, or when I had important communication with others, I achieved the expected results.
Carry out a dialogue with the inner self with the pleasure of being awakened by physical and mental energy: follow the true inner thoughts and express them smoothly. After the laryngeal chakra disorder is eliminated, not only the pain is reduced, but the self-awareness is also affirmed.

4. Heart Chakra: awakening the energy of love
heart chakra
The index finger of the right hand is touching the thumb to form a circle and placed on the chest, the left hand is relaxed, resting on the left knee.
When the heart chakra that governs love and physical and mental growth is blocked, the body will experience obvious symptoms of poor breathing, chest pain, and muscle aches. To eliminate these symptoms, the energy of the heart chakra must be repaired first.
Adopt a cross-sitting position, and recite the sound "yam" corresponding to the heart chakra softly to extend the sound as much as possible. While chanting, make the corresponding mudra and visualize that the heart chakra is vibrated violently, like an electric shock, quickly spreading throughout the body.
But in the end, this force reunited at the heart chakra. The reduction of body soreness is a sign that the heart chakra energy is repaired. Therefore, this meditation training has no time limit, but should be judged based on the body's response.

5. Solar Plexus: the storage room of vitality
Solar Plexus
Put your hands together, with your fingertips facing out and your thumbs overlapping each other, placed under your stomach.
The solar nerve dominates the human body's willpower and mobility. When the sun wheel's energy is insufficient, there will be persistent stomach pain, stomach acid and other gastric diseases.
Sit down, relax your whole body, and place the corresponding handprints on the sun wheel, below the stomach. Lightly recite the corresponding meditative voice "ram" (Zha), and at the same time visualize yourself in the sun, the sun is shining on the sun wheel, through the vibration of the voice, the sun wheel has been opened and is continuously receiving energy.
If there is a sensation of heat in the stomach, it means that the meditative healing of the sun chakra has begun to take effect. The next step is to continue chanting so that the sun wheel is always in a state of receiving energy. This training can only end when the emotions are completely settled.

6. Sacral Chakra: Powerful self-healing power
Sacral Chakra
The left palm is on the bottom, the right palm is on the top, and the palms are facing up, overlapping on the umbilicus.
The umbilical chakra controls the secretion of the adrenal glands and various hormones in the human body. When there is insufficient energy, it will cause endocrine disorders, accompanied by puffiness, facial flushing, and acne spots.
When meditating, sit cross-legged and place the corresponding mudra on the umbilical area. After the breath is calm, say the meditative voice "vam" (wow) gently, and take three deep breaths for each chant.
The vibration of the voice adjusts the obstructed state of the Navel Chakra. At this time, I begin to visualize a lotus flower gently swinging at the Navel Chakra. The lotus that grows at the Navel Chakra continuously absorbs toxins from the body and then passes through the sweat glands. , Exhaust toxins from the body by means of perspiration.
Imagine that the lotus shape at the manipula is like a wheel. When you breathe in, it brings a cooling sensation to the body, especially the facial skin, which transitions from flushing and heating to cool and soft; when you breathe out, all the toxins in the body are discharged from the pores.
At the end of the meditation, the effect of chemotherapy should be strengthened by affirmative statement: "My appearance is as beautiful as a lotus flower, and the body's self-healing energy is constantly opening up."

7. Root Chakra: the source of security
root chakra
Touch the fingertips of the thumb and index finger to form a ring and place it at the pubic area, where it is closest to the bottom chakra.
As the source of life, the submarine chakra or the perineum is in charge of the life energy of the human body and the integration of the body and mind. When the sea chakra is blocked, symptoms such as nerve imbalance, qi and blood imbalance, and low immunity will appear. The most common symptoms are fatigue and cold easily. When the body has mild cold symptoms, the first thing to do is to adjust the energy of the sea chakra through meditation.
After sitting cross-legged, adjust your breathing. After 10 deep breaths, make the corresponding mudra and send out the meditative voice "lam" (pull). At the same time, visualize a flame of fire on the chakra. Accompanied by the meditative voice, the obstacles at the bottom chakra are slowly oscillating away, and the flame can flow to various parts along the veins in the body, and at this time, a warm feeling can be felt at the bottom chakra.
At this time, take a deep breath again, chant the meditation voice again, and continue to oscillate the sea chakra for 10 minutes. The body is gradually surrounded by a strong warm current. In this warm current, the body's immune function begins to repair itself. The headaches, nasal congestion and other cold symptoms have also been reduced.

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