8 twisted actions of Pilates to help you get rid of fat


Thin waist has always been a topic of greatest concern to women. Slim waist is as difficult as a star, but at least the fat on the waist cannot be gathered like a swimming ring. As long as you don't exercise, even if you are not 30 years old, the fat on your waist will still come out inadvertently. Faced with such a dilemma, what should you do to eliminate this trouble? Perhaps you will naturally think of a sport thin waist. The following is a set of twisted Pilates for everyone. This set of exercises can enhance the burning of waist fat. Strong thin waist exercise.

Action one:
pilates action
Sit naturally on the mat, inhale slowly, raise your arms to your chest and flex it. After bending your elbows, overlap the two arms up and down, the spine extends upward, the head is as high as possible, the upper body is straight, and the abdomen remains tight sense.

Action two:
pilaties girl
Put your arms through your front to obliquely lower your belly, tighten your abdomen, keep your upper body straight, look at the front with your eyes。
Repeat the practice of action 1 and 2 10 times.

Action three:
pilates practice
Slowly raise your arms up to the front, level with your shoulders, extend your fingers forward, palm down, and force your waist.

Action four:
pilates exercise
Slowly inhale, keep the right hand immobile, turn the upper body slowly to the right 90 degrees, while the left arm opens to the side, while the right-hand stays immobile, the abdomen tightens towards the lumbar spine. Repeat this practice 10 times.

Action five:
pilates movement
Slowly exhale, return to the two arms forward, the palms of both hands down, the left hand is still, the upper body slowly turns 90 degrees to the left, while the right arm opens to the side, the abdomen tightens toward the lumbar spine. Repeat this practice 10 times.

Action six:
pilates move
Turn your body to the front, with your arms flat on your side, with your hands straight, palms down, looking straight ahead, and take a deep breath.

Action seven:
pilates every day
Sit on the mat, with your left leg bent forward, your feet to the right, your right leg bent backward, your feet to your back, your upper body straight, your hands raised diagonally, your palms inward, and your waist held tight.

Action eight:
pilates practice every day
Turn your body to the left, sit your hips on your right calf, and then move your left leg forward to your right leg and place it next to your right knee. Then hold your left thigh with the palm of your right hand and gently touch the left hand to keep your waist tight.

1. Don't eat before exercise. Because each step requires the muscles of the waist and abdomen to be active, if you eat too much, you may experience bloating and indigestion during exercise.
2. Breathing in coordination with movements. With one breath and one breath during the movement, it is more conducive to the metabolism of the waist and abdomen, and the effect of slimming will be better.
3. Complete relaxation. Pilates exercises better when the body and mind are completely relaxed, and it also has a good decompression effect.
The principle of waist-twisting Pilates to thin waist: Pilates is one of the exercises that can strengthen the muscles of the waist and abdomen. It has a very obvious effect on accelerating fat burning in the waist and abdomen and reducing fat. In this set of twisted waist Pilates, it is not only the exercise of the waist swimming ring, but also the waist curve can be well controlled, so that the waist circumference becomes a most beautiful state.



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