A yoga ball to get your core stability training

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Core stability training of Yoga ball
1. core muscle group
When we talk about our training program, we will say
"I've been losing weight recently"
"I want to increase muscle mass"
"I want to have a pleasing figure"
We spend a lot of time training those muscle groups that are worth showing off
But often overlooks a very important part
Is the core muscles of the body

core muscle
Core muscles are deep muscles
You can't see it from the surface
But it is the basis of normal physical activity for everyone
For modern sedentary people, prolonged bad standing, sitting, living habits, etc. makes our core muscles slowly weaker. Even those people who exercise regularly, there is a lack of specific training for core muscle groups, the core stability is not satisfactory.

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2. Why do core stability training?
If you love sports, it can make you run faster and jump higher;
If you sit for a long time, it can help you correct bad posture and reduce back pain;
If you get older, it will enhance your balance, flexibility, and joint stability;

yoga ball
3. How to perform core training?
Yoga ball core stability training
yoga ball
The round Swiss ball itself provides an unstable scene
To use it for fitness, you must first overcome and adapt to this unstable situation before completing the action.
Fully mobilize the muscle groups that maintain stability in the body, such as the deep abdominal muscles of the abdominal muscles and the multifidus muscles around the spine
swiss ball
So practice with a Swiss ball
Not only can increase the strength of large muscle groups
It can also increase the stability control of deep muscle groups

Crunches on the ball
Crunches on the ball
Lie on your back
Lie on your back
Push-up leg
Push-up leg
Yoga ball squat
Yoga ball squat

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