A yoga twisting pose, open your shoulders and open your hips to detoxify and burn fat!

There are many yoga twisting asanas, but there are few asanas that have many functions, such as opening the shoulders, opening the hips, detoxification, burning fat, and stretching the wrists. It is simply the savior of our sedentary office workers!
This pose has a mouthful name
Sanskrit name: Bharadvajasana
But this individual style is not what you want to do. If you don’t believe it, try it:
half lotus shape
First, cross one of your legs into a half lotus shape
Sit down, straighten your left leg and hook back, bend your right knee, and place your right ankle to the base of your left thigh.
If your ankle, knee, hip 3 joints or the outer thigh muscles are too tight, your knees may now be raised very high, and your ankles and knees will feel uncomfortable. (It's all caused by sitting for a long time and not exercising~)
No matter what degree you are doing now, the spine should be straightened up, keeping at least 5 deep breaths, and then changing to the other side.

Note: Don't pull the ankle hard, support the outside of the right ankle with both hands from below, and at the same time bring the knees together toward the midline, that is, rotate the hips, and gently place the instep on the root of the left thigh.

Step ②
half-hero sits
Then, the half-hero sits.
Sit down, straighten your right leg and hook back, bend your left knee, and keep your left heel close to your left hip. Keep your knees together.
Similarly, if your knees can’t be brought together and your left hip can’t sit on the ground, it’s also because the ankles, knees, hips and nearby muscles are too tight (check how badly your body is rusted~)
Now, with your hands on both sides, keep your spine straight, raise your chest, open your shoulders, hold for at least 5 breaths, and then switch to the other side.

Note: Instead of simply breaking the left calf back, bend your knees while pushing the calf muscles outwards with your hands, then pull the left heel close to the hips, and place the front side of the calf on the ground.

Step ③
yoga twisting pose
Finally, combine the previous two actions.
Bend your left knee first, with your left calf on the outside of your left thigh, and the back of your instep against the ground. Then bend your right knee and place the back of your right instep at the base of your left thigh.
It's not over yet! Now, the right hand comes around from behind and grabs the right big toe. Put the back of your left hand against your right thigh (near the knee) and push down on the ground. The back of your hand comes under the right knee, and then the knee presses down on the back of your hand so that the heel of your hand touches the ground.
Can't catch your right toe with your right hand? Can the palm of your left hand fall to the ground? It doesn't matter, do it to your limit, then turn your head and look to the right, and keep at least 5 breaths.

Remember what I said earlier, the right knee should be close to the midline position, and the knee should sink to the ground as much as possible.
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