Benefits of practicing yoga

The help and application of yoga in life can be divided into the following three aspects:
Mind and emotion
Body shape
First, yoga can soothe the mind and body. I believe this is the most intuitive understanding of yoga for many people. Every day, after busy and tired work and life, people sometimes feel dizzy, sluggish and depressed. At this time, the coach asked the students to cast aside their troubled thoughts and focus on their breathing while coordinating the exercise of the entire body to stimulate the sympathetic nerves of the spine and improve the body ... This is good for happiness and emotional stability. I believe this is also the strongest feeling of many yoga practitioners when they first practice.
Second, yoga is very helpful for improving body shape. First of all, it must be clear that yoga can improve body shape to a certain extent, but it cannot reduce weight (because muscle gain may also increase weight), so yoga's ability to make people lose weight is deceptive,I personally think that yoga can shape your body:
(1) Some people think that a good figure is a lean figure (no muscle, no fat), so some women often cause pelvic forward leaning, chest and slippery shoulders due to lack of muscle training such as abdominal muscles and back muscles Problems, especially pelvic anteversion, which can cause leg deformation, and yoga exercises can strengthen core muscle groups, which can gradually improve these physical problems.
(2) Advanced yoga, such as handstand support, has higher requirements for weight. Wearing tight yoga clothes and practicing in front of the mirror every day, you can see that those areas of the waist are getting fat, and there will be no such situation as asking yourself how to get fat. Here, someone will ask, someone around me has lost weight because of practicing yoga. For people who are obese and usually exercise less, whether you are practicing yoga or other sports, losing weight is basically because you exercise! Fatty people lose weight faster. Yoga can make practitioners stronger and more stretched. People who practice yoga can better gather the ribs and make the waist look thinner. At the same time, with the expansion of the shoulders, the figure with wide shoulders and narrow waist certainly looks more curvy.
Third, yoga helps self-control
The self-control mentioned here is divided into two parts: the body and the Vipassana.
In this decade of yoga practice, I have learned more powerful "insight" and "self-control", which is also where I benefit the most from yoga practice.
What is Vipassana? I don't know if you have observed it in the practice hall. Many people who are just beginning to practice yoga, even in the case of looking at the mirror or having a coach in front to do demonstrations and asanas, their movements will still be deformed. For example, the triangular side extension type,

stronger and stronger, small benefits can make your yoga posture more standard, big benefits, and can even control the occurrence of many laziness in your weekdays, such as getting up early in the winter to exercise ... feeling painful and getting you up Imagine your body as a string puppet, driving muscles to lift a quilt, support your body, sit up, etc ... It doesn't sound like it is very deep, but it can really bring benefits to all aspects of life.
The second focus: self-conscious control.
After Vipassana develops, it can gradually rise from the "body level" to the "self-awareness" level. From the perspective of a third person (using consciousness), observe the fluctuation of self-emotions, observe the emotions of excitement, the emotions of anger, the emotions of jealousy, the emotions of sadness ... try to analyze the origin of emotions. Analyze the emotional fluctuations caused by people or things around you, first face the emotional fluctuations, and then try to express these emotions. Do not escape. How to express emotions properly? Summarized as:
1. Express your feelings, don't judge each other.
2. Express your feelings, don't judge yourself.
3. Learn to distinguish between "feeling" and "judgment", and learn to use words that express feelings.
4. Learn to make specific requirements, not general ones.
This is the process of observing yoga with the third eye (consciousness). You can observe emotions and express them objectively. This is the first step in a good relationship.
We have a certain understanding of self-conscious control and emotions. Now let me explain my interpretation of emotional intelligence:
The level of EQ depends on the sensitivity of self-sensing. Through the perception of changes in one's own emotions, and then understanding the impact of emotions on himself, he will eventually control his emotions so as to maximize his IQ. It is a self-perception and control ability. Some people are born strong and others are weak, but they can be made up by learning.
Now, we have some feasible ways to improve emotional intelligence. In short, the longer you practice yoga, the more you will benefit from it.

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