Do you need a yoga mat with a yoga towel?

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There are many things that need to be prepared when practicing yoga, such as yoga balls, yoga clothes, yoga mats and yoga towels; the rubber particles on a good yoga towel are full, round, strong grip, and non-slip; It is very necessary to use a yoga towel.
Many people have been confused when they saw other people buying yoga mats by the way, and why do they want to buy other yoga mats? Is n’t it too heavy? A long time ago, when I did n’t understand the importance of spreading yoga towels, I always thought so. After understanding the importance of it, I felt like I had opened the door to a new world, at least I think so. Now let's take a look at the role of yoga towels.

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The role of yoga towel
1. The non-slip particles can make the towel fixed on the mat without slipping, which can effectively assist the stretching and balance of yoga, improve the safety and comfort of sports, and at the same time, the body will emit a lot of sweat when practicing yoga. Under, can effectively absorb sweat. During the exercise, if the non-slip rubber particles are upward, it will have a good massage effect on the soles and backs of the feet and promote blood circulation. Therefore, whether the particles are up or down depends on the movement posture.
2. Massage the feet: Many acupuncture points of the human body are concentrated on the feet. During the practice of yoga, the particles on the feet and the towels are constantly in contact and friction, which is equivalent to massaging, which can promote the blood circulation of the human body and strengthen the physique.
3. Keep warm during breaks: After exercising, the body sweats a lot, and it is easy to get sick if you don't cover something. At this time, the soft side of the yoga towel is next to the body and covered on the body, which can absorb sweat and keep warm.
4. When practicing yoga, if your knees are sore, you can fold up the yoga towel and put it underneath. Be careful to touch the body without particles.
5. When doing some supine or lying on your back, the yoga towel can be folded into a strip to make your head and neck more comfortable.
6. Absorb sweat. After a yoga class, the basic body is watery. However, the composition of the yoga towel is a microfiber anti-skid cloth, which is extremely absorbent. Even if the yoga cloth towel point plastic cloth particles face up, sweat will be absorbed by the cloth towel along the particles.
7. Hygiene. If the yoga mat is used for a long time, some bacteria will breed on it. Using a towel on the yoga mat is more clean and hygienic, which will make you more at ease when practicing yoga.

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How to distinguish the quality of yoga towel
1. The weight of yoga towels. Fabrics with the same texture and composition are generally thick, costly, and of good quality. This is generally known to us, so you can ask the seller what the weight of the yoga towel is. It is impossible to lie here. Thick towels are 380 grams in weight and 300 grams in thin ones. Gram weight here refers to the weight per square meter, using grams as the unit of measurement. Generally speaking, the weight of the yoga towel before glue is 360 grams / square meter, and after glue is 550-600 grams / piece.
2. The rubber particles on the yoga towel are full and round.
3. Strong grip and anti-slip properties.
4. The towel cloth warp and weft used are first-class microfibers with uniform dyeing. 5. Strong and durable. Eight high-elastic polyester threads are used for the selvage thread, which is beautiful, strong and durable. The general manufacturers use six or even four selvage lines and counterfeit polyester. The loose lines are easy to fall off and are not beautiful.

Buying techniques for yoga towels
1. It is critical to see whether the particles of the towel are even and easy to fall off, because the towel is close to the skin. If such a problem occurs, it is easy to cause injury and skin allergies.
2. Depending on the size and color of the towel, you can choose a little longer, so that there is no place to stretch your head and feet when doing yoga, the color matching is also a lot of mm concerns, you may choose to choose the same color as the mat , This is a good match.

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By understanding the above yoga towels, yoga towels are mainly sweat-absorbent, and they are easier to clean than yoga mats. Yoga mats are protective and non-slip. Therefore, it is safer to practice yoga with a towel spread. It is still recommended to use it with a yoga mat, which is an optional set in yoga practice. 

Summary: The above is the content of the role of the yoga towel introduced by the editor. I hope to help you effectively; if you have any good suggestions, partners, I look forward to communicating with the editor.

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