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A few years ago, if everyone wear yoga pants on the street, it is estimated that many people are embarrassed, feel that it should only appear in the gym, incompatible with other venues.
However, in the past two years, as women have paid more and more attention to the comfort of clothing, the status of yoga pants has turned over and become a fashionable item that everyone loves to wear. Yoga pants are not only the darling of the gym, but also A new star in the fashion world, if you match it well, you are a fashionista.
fashion yoga pants
Now walking on the street, basically more than half of the girls are wearing yoga pants to go out, then next, you may wish to follow the editor into the world of yoga pants, and feel the fashion charm of yoga pants.

First, History of Yoga
Yoga pants are born to facilitate girls practicing yoga, tracing the history of yoga pants, can start from the word "yoga". According to historical records, the word yoga first appeared in ancient India five thousand years ago, meaning to graze horses
By the 15th century BC, the meaning of yoga changed and became a constraint, and a posture of modern yoga appeared and was incorporated into religion. In the eighth century BC, yoga was not only a literal constraint, but also a form of practice.
yoga history
A group of yoga practitioners appeared and practiced in the Himalayan caves. However, at that time, yoga still focused on spiritual aspects and pursued health in the mind. Later, after more than a decade of evolution, yoga still focused on spirit.
It was not until the 19th century that yoga changed from spirit to body, and yoga gymnastics appeared. At the same time, yoga pants were born, but unfortunately, at that time, only emphasized that men practice yoga every day. After entering the 21st century, yoga objects changed from male to female
Under the leadership of a large number of women, yoga has become popular all over the country at the speed of rockets, almost reaching the level of one man. Do you dare to say that you do not have yoga pants?

Second, the length of yoga pants
1. Long style
The yoga pants version is mainly self-cultivation. Under its package, it perfectly outlines the curve of the legs, and the effect of shaping the legs is quite powerful. Choose long yoga pants, show long legs in minutes, and still look beautiful legs
long yoga pants
Secondly, the waistline of the yoga trousers is very high. At the same time of lengthening the curve of the legs, it also raises the waistline. The upper body is matched with short clothes. Even if you are a girl of 1.5 meters, you can give people a visual sense of 1.60 meters
The heightening effect is not generally strong. However, for girls with particularly thick and short legs, yoga shorts cannot be saved. After all, the legs are too fat. Putting on yoga pants not only shows weight, but also reduces the beauty of yoga pants.
long black yoga pants
2. Short
On a hot summer day, when you go out wearing yoga pants, it is best to choose a short style, which is fashionable and refreshing at the same time. However, the editor should emphasize the length of yoga shorts here, but the shorter the better, the length should be at least the middle of the thigh, and five-point pants are best
short yoga pants
Once you can distinguish yoga pants from safety pants, if they are too short, it is easy to cause people to misunderstand, thinking that they did not wear pants and went out. Second, show the sporty style of yoga pants, full of vitality, transformed into a vigor girl.
capri yoga pants
The most important thing is that the style of yoga shorts is thin. Under its background, the leg circumference is reduced by at least several centimeters, allowing you to show your beautiful legs in the summer. Even if you don’t have beautiful legs, your legs will look better than before.   
leisure yoga pants

Three, yoga pants pattern
1. Solid color
In the gym, yoga pants are mostly black. I want yoga pants to "walk" out of the gym. The editor recommends that when choosing solid colors, try to avoid black and choose beautiful colors, such as white, pink, blue, etc. can improve Fashionability, also allows yoga pants to get rid of sports breath and perform a new style
solid color yoga pants
Secondly, when choosing a solid color, you should refer to your skin color, like a girl with white skin, all kinds of solid colors can hold. For yellow-skinned girls, in order not to make the skin appear dull and dull, it is recommended to choose a warm color, which will not brighten or darken the complexion.
solid color yoga suits

2. Printing
Yoga has a long history, and the printing is a retro element. The combination of the two is simply a perfect match, and the dead are not worth their lives. Wearing printed yoga pants to go out, no matter where you go, the editor guarantees that the return rate is 200%
printing yoga pants
After all, the expressive power of printing is so strong that it immediately attracts people's visual focus. However, it looks good, the average person can't control the printed yoga pants, after all, the pattern is too flamboyant and eye-catching, presumably only a girl with a lively temperament can control
Just like a girl with a quiet personality, don't say you put it on, you can't watch others wear printed yoga pants. For a time, you may still appreciate unaccustomed.
printed yoga pants leggings
3. Wave point
Compared to printed fitness pants, polka dot fitness pants look too easy to control. The large and small dots are printed on the fitness pants, which not only enriches the color of the pants, but does not appear monotonous, nor does it destroy the simple and elegant beauty of the fitness pants.
wave points yoga pants
Overall, it brings a sense of comfort to people's vision, making people want to see more and more. In order to highlight the polka dot elements, when selecting, you must make the polka dots and gym pants are different colors, not the same color.
colored yoga pants
Otherwise, it is no different from solid color fitness pants. In addition, the size of the wave point also affects the visual effect, such as the large wave point, gentle atmosphere, but the shape of the wave point is large.
As a result, the whole body will be enlarged, and it is easy to gain weight. The wavelet point, although the pattern looks complicated and complex, but has a slimming effect, will set off the whole body thin and also show a fresh literary style.
shining yoga pants

Four, Yoga pants collocation
1. with a vest
Yoga trousers and vests are slim-fit version, under them wrapped, showing the girl's most real figure. Therefore, girls with imperfections, such as more thighs, fat around the waist, etc., must stay away from this outfit.
yoga pants with a vest
The perfect girl, wearing this set, will exude unparalleled charm, sexy and atmospheric, full of charm. While showing a proud posture, there is also a natural temperament spontaneously elevating, raising the whole class.
yoga leggings with vest
At the moment of appearance, it gives an extraordinary aura, instantly crushing everyone around, I have to say that this match is simply beautiful, but unfortunately, the editor is not perfect enough, destined to miss this way of wearing.
yoga pants with sports bras
2. With T-shirt
Yoga pants with a T-shirt, the main style is casual style, full of sports atmosphere. However, these two items are too ordinary, lacking in fashion sense. In order to improve the fashion index, the editor teaches you several new ways to wear.
yoga pants with a t-shirt
First, tie the T-shirt into a dazzling belly dress, revealing a slender waist, and add a little sexiness to the sports style. Or choose a long T-shirt, which not only sets the legs thinner, but also creates a Korean style, which makes the sense of fashion burst instantly.
yoga pants with crop top
In addition, you can also choose exaggerated T-shirt styles, such as large patterns or shiny elements, and add a bright bar design, these can enhance the expressiveness of the T-shirt, thereby making the overall shape more attractive.
yoga pants with long sleeve shirt   
3. With a suit
The styles of suits and yoga pants are completely different, and when paired together, they show a unique style, and the sense of fashion is too high to say. Since the birth of the suit, it has always been a formal dress, in order not to destroy the formal sense of the suit.
yoga pants with a coat
People rarely try alternatives to suits, either with suit pants or with hip skirts. After pairing with yoga pants, let's not say that it looks good or not, just visually, it will give people a lot of freshness and make people shine.
yoga pants with a suit
Yoga pants have always been a casual style. Encountering a suit enhances the sense of formality and does not show casualness. On the whole, the suit with yoga pants is smart and casual, comfortable and casual, exuding a unique charm.
yoga pants with a suit jacket
4. With Jacket
The jacket design is more masculine and full of boyfriend style. After paired with yoga pants, it has a little more feminine femininity. However, the overall is still biased towards the neutral wind, which can be rigid and soft. In my opinion, girls of this style are the most attractive.
yoga pants with a jacket
In line with the temperament of contemporary women, there is a kind of motivation everywhere, quite a workplace style. Secondly, assault suits are mostly loose-fitting, under its background, it will give the effect of yoga pants and thin legs, easily have thin legs.
yoga pants with ski wear  
Finally, in order to make this group wear wonderfully, we recommend that when matching jackets, try to focus on solid colors, and pay attention to the different colors with yoga pants, which is simple and elegant, but also stylish.
yoga pants with sweater
Yoga pants "walked" out of the gym, combined with fashion, and easily dented the fashion style. About the content of yoga pants, I will share here. Nowadays, fitness is a national sport. Basically, many girls have a fitness card and a few yoga pants. If you wear yoga pants in the gym every day, wouldn’t it be a waste of fashion items?

I hope that after reading this article, you can "put on" your yoga pants out of the gym and take it to the streets to lead a new fashion. Finally, do you know which fashions to wear for yoga pants? Welcome to leave a message and share below, let us study together and play with the new fashion of yoga pants.



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