For girls: how to choose sports Bra?

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For running girls, if something is as important as running shoes, it is probably sports bra! If the requirements are higher, it is probably a stylish sports bra!
Today I offer you this most complete sports bra guide, one-click to teach you how to choose the sports bra that suits you!

Why need a sports bra
The simplest and rude reason is: fix the breasts to prevent them from shaking too much.
The breast is located in the pectoralis major muscle, and is mainly composed of fat, breast and connective tissue. It has no muscles, and only the ligaments and skin play a major supporting role. And any movement of the chest during exercise will cause the chest to move in an "∞" trajectory. Long-term careless protection can easily cause breast sagging.
Many people experience chest pain in different types of sports, especially for women with large breasts. Therefore, regardless of age, chest size or exercise type, you should wear sports underwear during exercise. Even if you only have A and do low-intensity exercise, exercise bra is essential!
During exercise, you can relieve pain by wearing tighter sports underwear, and you can transfer pressure from sensitive shoulders and chests to the back and underarms, which enhances comfort during long-term exercise.
Once the breast is damaged, it is irreversibly repaired. So now, you know why do you need to wear a bra?

The difference between ordinary underwear and sports underwear
They are really different!!
They are really different!!
They are really different!!
Common underwear is cotton material, flax fiber to wait more, give priority to with comfortable and beautiful;
Sports underwear are selected fast drying fabrics, ingredients are mostly full brocade, polyester ammonia, polyester brocade, wear resistance is better;
Sports underwear inside the lining and back structure are mostly breathable mesh, breathable to help fast sweat.

T-Back sports bra

How to choose a sports bra?

-01-Match your own Cup

Your bust = upper bust-lower bust; measure your lower bust = your bottom circumference.

sport bra size chart

My own experience. Compared with ordinary underwear, I usually choose a smaller size for the bottom size of sports underwear. The Cup is the same. Sometimes it is also appropriate to buy a smaller size for the bottom circumference and cups.
For example: ordinary underwear in China wears 34C, then sports underwear is 32C. I personally think that 32B is actually acceptable, except that it is a bit stress-resistant, but in a tolerable range, but it varies from person to person.

- 02 -According to exercise intensity
Such as practicing yoga, aerobics, skipping rope, playing ball, running, etc., different intensity sports require different sports bras, according to different impact levels and the degree of bra comfort and flexibility required for sports are also different.
Generally based on the heart rate, exercise intensity is mainly divided into three types: low-intensity exercise, medium-intensity exercise, and high-intensity exercise. According to the intensity of exercise, select the corresponding supporting sports underwear, which is also divided into low, medium and high-strength sports underwear, and the corresponding label can be found on the general packaging
Low-intensity exercise General fitness, such as hiking, yoga, Pilates
A relatively small exercise intensity means that the fixation requirements for the Sports Bra are correspondingly reduced. Generally, a simple fixed bra can be selected. Simple fixed bra is fixed with a layer of elastic mesh fabric, which is a pressure-type fixation. It is better to choose a product with a high cotton content to avoid causing pressure on the chest.
Medium-intensity sports increase skills, such as skiing, golf, dancing, rock climbing
Medium-strength sports underwear mainly depends on the elastic fabric to form a certain pressure on the breast to achieve a fixed effect. Compared with low-strength sports underwear, the requirements for cutting are more stringent, and it is necessary to fully consider the breast shape, structure, and shoulder and back forces.
High-intensity exercise increases cardiopulmonary ability and plasticity, such as: running, football, tennis, etc.
During the high-intensity exercise, the chest shakes most intensely, and the support and fixation of sports underwear have the highest requirements. It requires both good fixation and no obvious discomfort and pressure on the chest.

How to choose the style of sports underwear
-01-Design from the back
From the perspective of the back design, it can be roughly divided into two types: shoulder strap sports bra and I-shaped sports bra.
Double strap sports bra
This kind of sports underwear looks similar to ordinary underwear, with medium fixity, suitable for women with A to C cups for low- and medium-intensity exercise. Although it is wider than the everyday bra straps and bust, and the steel ring is also removed, personally I feel that the comfort is worse.

Women's Cross Back Removable Cups Yoga Sport Bra

Cross sports bra
The one-piece cross-shaped or Y-shaped design can prevent the shoulder strap from slipping. The widened shoulder strap can withstand the impact of running, and it will transfer the pressure from the sensitive shoulders and chest to the back and underarms. This kind of sports underwear has good stability and is good news for busty females with medium and high exercise intensity. I Personally recommend this underwear style, but it may be inconvenient to put on and take off.

Pullover Style and Removeable Pads High support Sports Bra

-02-Design from the front
From the front design, it can be divided into three types: simple one-piece bra, independent cup bra and special structure bra.
Simple one piece
One-piece bra is the simplest type of sports bra, suitable for women with A-C cups for low- and medium-intensity exercise. For smaller breasts, you can buy the simplest slice. For the chest slightly larger, you can choose a one-piece style with independent cups.
Independent cup
Independent cup bra wraps and supports each of your breasts with independent cups, which reduces the shaking like the usual bra. This type is more suitable for women with large cups.
Special structure bra
This type of bra is a combination of the first two styles. It has the strongest fixation. The main feature is that there is a large row of hooks on the chest or behind the chest. Generally, there is a special steel bracket for better support. The type is best for women with C and D cups doing high-intensity exercise.

Cross strap Sports Bras

To sum up: the more intense the exercise, the larger the CUP, the higher the requirements for sports underwear support!

Sports underwear purchase and maintenance precautions

-01-The size of the sports bra
Trying on is the most direct way to buy the right bra
If there is a chance to try on, during the try-on, perform a jumping action to see the shaking of the chest. The amplitude of shaking up, down, left, and right is within 3 cm. It is acceptable to feel the tendency of sliding and friction.
Your bra should be close to you and the fabric is not wrinkled, otherwise it may indicate that the bra is bigger. If your skin is exposed from both sides of the bra, this may indicate that your bra is too small.
The fitted sports bra should be snug and not too tight. Too tight underwear may make it difficult for you to breathe and even pinch your skin while running; too loose sports underwear is easy to slide and scratch the skin.
Don't blindly identify only one size
Do not choose the size of sports underwear based on the size of the underwear you usually wear. Different sports underwear brands will have their own supportive classification. This brand you wear 70B, another brand of underwear may wear 75B is appropriate. It's a bit different from buying running shoes. Different brand sizes will be different, so don't be too blind to just buy one size in the end.
-02-Maintenance of sports bra
Usually, it is recommended to wash by hand in warm water. Do not wring, press dry or air dry after cleaning. This can improve its life and not loosen the material too soon. If you run more than 3 times a week, it is recommended to prepare at least two pieces and exchange them to extend the life of sports underwear. After wearing it for a long time, the clothes lose elasticity, so you can consider throwing it away for a new one.
-03-New sports underwear needs running-in
If you buy a sports bra that you want to use to run a marathon, it is practical when you first use it and play. You can properly apply some vaseline in places that are prone to abrasion and can effectively prevent skin damage. It takes a running-in period just like buying new running shoes.
-04-Prevent bumps
Many professional sports underwear does not have pads, mainly considering the aspects of breathability, perspiration, cushioning and cushioning, the stimulus during exercise is indeed prone to bumps. If it is unacceptable, the solution is to “paste the breast”, you can also bring your own chest pad to prevent bumps, or put on a T-shirt to cover up.
05 - prepare for different levels of sports bra
Prepare two levels of sports bra to make yourself more comfortable.
This will allow you to make better choices based on the intensity of the exercise.

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