How do novices choose yoga clubs?

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The best distance between the yoga club and you: within 10 minutes of walking, the shorter the better

"Yoga Sutra" mentioned: "Uninterrupted practice" can achieve the purpose of yoga.
Meaning: The practice of yoga, persistence is the most important, because the ultimate goal of yoga practice is to balance consciousness, and the balance of consciousness is far better than any form of body immunity, and we modern people are enduring Physical pain, anxiety, anger, obesity, etc., are precisely because in the current social environment, human consciousness is impacted and interfered with by too much information every day, and the resulting consciousness is difficult to balance. Even the occurrence of disease.
Looking back, in order to achieve the goal of yoga practice, the close distance can facilitate your persistence. You can comment on it, sort by distance, and find the yoga studio closest to you. My neighborhood here is as close as possible within a 10-minute walk. More than this time, for beginners, the cost of time seems to be high. Conducive to perseverance. Of course, if you are willing to spend more time on the way to yoga, you can enlarge the distance appropriately, but it must be a distance that is conducive to your persistence.
If you go to work at 9 to 5 and check in, it is recommended to find a yoga studio near the company, because you can walk to the yoga studio at least five days after work (about 6:00) in the evening. Why not go near home at first? One reason: too much temptation on the way home! (Covering face), it is easy to give up the practice because of the food on the road. Reason two: Especially working in the first-tier cities, except for the institution, even if all TO DO LIST has been completed on the day, and leave immediately as soon as the time is up, for a long time, there will always be a little pressure to be posted as "stepping off work". Reason three: if you leave the company after work, you can generally catch up with the first lesson of the yoga studio in the evening, so that you will not affect your sleep by time too late to arrive at home, of course, it is not that you have to go to the first lesson in the evening, however, compared to later courses, the earlier course should be your first choice for long-term and regular practice.
If you are a freelancer or business person and other people whose relative work place is not particularly fixed, you can choose the place where you appear most frequently, and use this as the center to find the closest yoga studio to you. Remember, the closer the better, It is best not to drive. Once it involves parking, traffic jams and other traffic problems, it will affect your estimate of the time it takes to reach the yoga studio, and being late will also affect your own practice and that of others. Many yoga cards with nearly one thousand yuan or even more than ten thousand yuan have only been visited three times because of distance problems.

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Same distance conditions, pick good environment

Through the screening of distance, at this time, you already have some candidate yoga studios, then you can investigate the environment of these candidate yoga studios, I suggest that it is a field visit, yoga studios are very welcome to visit strangers who come to know in person You can call to make an appointment visit, as for why not visit unannounced? In this question, I have always believed that the relationship between yoga practitioners and yoga studios is not a simple service relationship. If you choose a yoga studio and want to keep practicing, you will gain knowledge and health from it. Because of the trust and dependence of several practitioners to maintain or enhance the quality of yoga practice, yoga practice is a delicate and sacred connection.
Then return to the several inspection points of the yoga studio environment:
First: Whether the staff can give you the calm and warm psychological feelings, the yoga hall I like must be: There is a warm smile at the front desk, there are not many, many words, concise, but not too flattering, clean and tidy hair, uniform and look No stains. If a yoga studio operator can successfully teach the yoga concept to the staff, then you will feel the love connection every time you step into this yoga studio, making you feel like a spring breeze. If the staff at the front desk speaks loudly on the mobile phone or wearing a headset to watch the video, or even talk about work without shyness, then the enterprise has not done enough work in the transfer of yoga ideas.
Second: Hygiene, if a yoga studio is willing to spend more on cleaning, then the yoga studio will also be willing to invest in the member experience. When it comes to this, it depends on whether the reception desk and the rest area of the members are tidy and uncluttered, whether the drinking water equipment is clean and obviously regularly maintained and replaced, whether the yoga mat is excessively aging and obsolete or has a distinct smell, whether the locker is almost intact, and if the sanitation is not close Then, there are several possibilities. The business situation is worrying. There is not enough return funds for a good club operation. It is also possible that the yoga studio operator does not have enough sincerity for the members, but is purely commercialized to pursue profits. If so, you are likely to give yourself a bad practice experience due to the suspension of business or commercialization of the business style of the gym.
I like clean, simple yoga studios
Third: Intuition. After the first two observation points, I suggest that you can try a lesson. Generally, yoga studios provide free trial lessons. Even if the fee is also symbolic, you can purchase a single or multiple lessons through the group. The staff knows that you are Beginners will recommend suitable courses, then you have to practice a member class now. From entering the yoga studio, changing shoes, entering the dressing room, entering the classroom, until completing a complete yoga class, I have the impression that in the past few years, I have entered 3-4 different yoga studios and experienced it myself. After directly deciding to apply for a membership card.

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Class Schedule

There are generally three main elements in a yoga studio curriculum: teacher, course type, and class time. Then, after studying the distance and environment, I will talk about the yoga teacher. The reason why I did not take out the teacher alone to talk about, because for beginners, the choice of teachers is very tolerant, but the following points still need to pay attention
1 Before the lesson, did the teacher ask the member's physical condition, such as whether the female member was in the physiology period or breastfeeding period, and whether anyone had physical pain;
2 Whether the leading words can be accurately expressed;
3 Whether it will be corrected;
4 Do you like this teacher and do you have the desire to learn yoga with her (him).
If all of the above points are met, then it can basically be determined that this is a yoga institution that can be practiced. For beginners, there is no specific concept for various commercial yoga courses before yoga genres. You only need to experience each individuality in the classroom to experience each individual style, try more different courses, and you can find out what you like in a month. For beginners, the "start" is the most important. As for the class time, the general curriculum is updated in units of "one week". Generally speaking, the total hours of a week in a yoga studio are 20-50 lessons, which vary according to the reception capacity and the number of members, so it is best to have 6-8 For a class, at least 3 classes should be within the time range that you can freely use, because no matter how good the class is, it is useless if you do n’t have time to go to class
Based on the above points, a good teacher ensures that the practice frequency is more than 3 times a week, and you will soon feel the many benefits of yoga.

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Membership card price and card type

Having said so much, I have to care about the price. I put the price at the end, because when the distance, environment, and schedule of a yoga hall have already satisfied you, look at the price. Because the practice of yoga is to help us get a better quality of life, then the price must be considered after you have found a yoga studio for you!
I enumerate several common card types below:
Year Card: Take a big city as an example, the reference price is 6000-14000. This is the favorite card type for yoga studios. Due to the strong regional nature of yoga studios, the average attendance rate of annual card members is low, which is why the average profit rate of annual cards is high. The sales staff will definitely tell you that you can come every day, Barabara, more cost-effective, and so on, then if you do n’t have the previous selection criteria and you have an annual card, it may be due to weather, distance, health, and poor attitudes There are many reasons for not being able to keep up with the class, which leads to inefficient use of annual cards. The good news is that after layer-by-layer selection, and with the strong desire to become attached to yoga, you can already guarantee your practice frequency, and then refer to your usual action ability, and friends who have confidence in themselves can simply do a card training for a year.
Time card: This is my favorite card. The most common one is the 50-times card (valid for one year). The price of this card when discounted to a single lesson will be higher, with an average of 150-300 per class. The reason why I like to get a times card is related to my personality. I hope to take every yoga class seriously, and because the price is high, it will help me to be more serious, and then I like to make plans, 50 times a card for one year, I will give arrange the lesson plan that can be completed in 6 months by yourself. The frequency of practice is 2-3 times a week. The remaining 6 months can be regarded as a risk allocation in terms of time (such as statutory holidays. Travel and various maneuvering events), that is, if you ca not use it for half a year, the training plan can be postponed within the validity period. And I will mark "YOGA TIME" in the work plan at the beginning of each week, and after completing this week's exercises, I will complete my important "TO DO LIST" this week.
Short-term card: Generally refers to monthly cards, quarterly cards, half-year cards. The price of the short-term card is probably converted into a proportion of time (not much), such as the annual card of 9000 yuan, and the half-year card is estimated to be between 5000-5500. If you are temporarily unable to get a half-year card due to cash flow, budget or values and other economic reasons, you can choose a short-term card and start practicing first. The short-term card is also suitable for small partners who carry out risk control on the annual card of the yoga studio (for example, may move, become pregnant, etc.)

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If, after choosing this way, there is still no yoga studio suitable for you, then I suggest that you go to learn professional yoga teacher training and then self-practice. In addition, it is not recommended to practice watching the video at home.

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