How to Solve Shoulder and Neck Soreness?

How to solve shoulder and neck soreness? Insist on yoga stretching exercises, flexible cervical spine, release pressure!

Frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis and other problems have almost become common problems of modern people. Many office workers have been sedentary for a long time. Not only do they encounter problems with the lumbar and spine, but our shoulders and necks have also become the hardest hit areas of pain. The cervical spine is uncomfortable. The muscles are stiff, and even gentle twisting is very difficult. This is the performance of not paying attention to a healthy life.
Upper back, shoulder, and neck discomfort is very common, regardless of gender, regardless of age, whether it is an elderly or a young person, if he has the habit of sitting for a long time, or because of certain things ignore upper limb exercises, then shoulder and neck pain It’s very easy to find him. It’s very simple to solve similar problems. As long as we stick to yoga stretching, we can spend some time to practice several yoga styles, sitting neck stretch and sitting posture. Hip twists, etc., even if the head is facing the sky, drawing a few "crosses" has a very good effect.

The following introduces a complete set of shoulder and neck yoga sequence. Take 10 minutes a day to release stress and relieve soreness. It is especially emphasized that the human neck is more sensitive. Exercise and fitness mainly focus on stretching and relaxation. Do not pull yourself hard. If you are injured, don't pursue the range, just pay attention to your breathing. Let's look at the specific actions below.

Action 1. Vajra sitting neck movement:
Vajra sitting neck movement
Sitting in the King Kong position, exhale and lower your head, bend your neck down, inhale and lift your chin up, tilt your head back slightly, exhale and look for the right shoulder with your right ear, and look for your left shoulder with your left ear. Exhale the head slowly to the right, inhale the head slowly to the left, exhale and turn the head clockwise, inhale to turn the head counterclockwise, and stand up the neck at the end.

Action 2. Flexible hip movement:
Flexible hip movement:
Sit on a yoga mat, with your feet facing each other, your knees open outwards, press your hands down, arch your back in exhalation, bring your legs together, inhale and press down, move your weight forward while pushing your chest. When exhaling, go to the lumbar spine with your belly button, arch your back and lower your head, take a deep breath, inhale and exhale, hug yourself, inhale again, press your hands down to feel the extension of your inner legs, exhale and bring your legs together. Arch your back to relax your waist, inhale your chest, feel the stretch of your spine, exhale, close your legs, look down in the direction of your belly button, inhale deeply, exhale again, hold your legs arched back, and stay here.

Action 3. Simple half locust pose:
 Simple half locust pose:
Lie prone on the mat, inhale, raise your right leg and chest at the same time, extend your left arm forward, shrink your thighs and buttocks, relax your neck to keep breathing slowly, and inhale slowly. Exhale evenly. The back, chest, arms, waist and abdomen are all working hard. The coordination and flexibility of the body have been greatly exercised. Exhale when finished, and the body will fall back on the mat. Inhale, raise your left leg and chest at the same time, extend your right arm forward, contract your thighs and buttocks, relax your neck, continue to breathe slowly, and finish this movement on the left side.

Action 4. Half spinal twist (left):
Half spinal twist (left):
Sit on the yoga mat with your legs straight, put your left foot inwardly on the floor on the outside of your right thigh, inhale and stretch your right arm upwards, exhale and twist your body to the left, place your right hand on the outside of your left thigh, and your left hand directly behind your hips . Inhale and stretch the spine upward, exhale and twist the body to the left. The abdomen is flat against the inner left thigh, looking in the direction of the left shoulder, the body remains stable and harmonious, and the breathing is maintained evenly. When the inhale is restored, the spine becomes normal, and the exhale is restored to a straight-leg sitting position.

If we are busy with work, we must pay more attention to our health. If we say that our struggle is the "0" behind the bank card, then a healthy body is the "1" in the front. Without the number "1" in the front, the "0" in the back also becomes meaningless, don't you think?

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