If the following situation occurs, it means you should practice yoga meditation


Practice in your heart, not greedy or hatred
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But sometimes, no matter how deeply you understand the benefits of yoga in all aspects, you still can’t help but stop tasting, stand still, or even give up altogether.
Need a little motivation to continue yoga? Time to check yourself!

-1- restless
yoga pose
Obviously I feel exhausted, but I can't sit quietly for a while. Anxiety surrounds you, making you unable to relax and rest. Time flies and your mood becomes more irritable. I really want to invent a calming pill to save myself.
The relaxation techniques in yoga practice allow you to learn to be aware of your stress and release it to live in peace with the present.

happy baby pose
All kinds of thoughts are inextricably entangled in your mind, making you unable to fall asleep, dreaming and waking up easily, and tired every day. Your brain is in urgent need of relaxation, and yoga meditation practice can help you release those fluttering thoughts and let you rest and relax.

-3- Poor posture
yoga pose
Many people are office workers who sit hunched in front of the computer for a long time. When the spine cannot be kept in the correct curve for a long time, neck and back pain will occur. Yoga exercises can exercise strength and flexibility, and help correct improperly curved spine.
And yoga will let you learn to perceive your body so that you will be aware of this and correct it when you hunch over.

-4-Too tangled
cat and cow pose
Even the most trivial matter, you can't make up your mind. The people around you don't like this, but their boredom can only make you more suspicious of your decision-making ability.
Yoga focuses on opening your heart to embrace pure thoughts and clear goals. Yoga practice makes your goals no longer obscured by doubts, and makes you feel that you are in control of your life and become more confident.

-5- Emotions out of control
bridge pose
You are always making big fuss, and dealing with problems is never out of time. You find that you are always yelling, crying and making troubles, completely unable to control your emotions. These are the results of a lack of inner peace.
Yoga practice can help you learn to calm and relax, become peaceful and virtuous, because the world is impermanent and nothing is eternal.

-6- body stiffness
yoga pose
When I got up in the morning, my body was as stiff as if it was sealed. I would feel pain when I bent over, turned around, and reached for something, not to mention touching my toes.
But the older you get, the more important it is to stay flexible. Yoga poses can stretch your muscles and make you more flexible, elegant and agile.

-7- easily distracted
side plank pose
You are always half-hearted, unable to concentrate on one thing, and accomplishing various tasks seems impossible. watch a movie? Forget it.
Work projects? It has to take three times as long to complete.
Yoga exercises the ability to concentrate, from standing on one foot to practicing breathing coordination, can help you no longer be in a trance.

-8- Irregular breathing
You may find that you have forgotten to breathe for a while, or your breathing is very shallow. Yoga can help you focus on your breathing, consciously inhale deeply, and exhale slowly.
Human lungs are like balloons. The more you inhale, the stronger your lungs will expand. The increase in lung capacity will in turn make your breathing deeper and keep you calm.

-9- Avoid social
chair pose
We are often used to being alone, for fear of accidentally destroying our "perfect image", but yoga will teach you to let go of yourself and let you embrace yourself from the inside out.
Yoga practice will teach you to relax from the body to the soul, so that you can let go of your guard, gain self-confidence, and be more comfortable and free when dealing with people in various social situations (including yoga classes).

-10-Unhealthy habits
side down dog
Whenever something goes wrong, you will use hustle and bustle to cope with it, trying to drown out the pain with junk food, or forget the stress through alcohol.
At this time, ask yourself, is this habit beneficial to the body in the long term?
Yoga practice can protect your health and happiness throughout your life-what could be more important than this?

-11-Can't talk
snake pose
Even if your upset is very obvious, you always keep silent whenever someone tries to communicate with you or understand you better.
You are always unwilling to open your heart for fear of being judged and let others share your problems. Yoga is about the practice of consciousness and reality. It will teach you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace peace and reality.
If you have many of the above symptoms, try yoga!
Although meditation is a concept from Indian yoga, it has a deep connection with Buddhism.
One method of practice in Buddhism is:
Chopping wood while cutting wood, eating while eating,
No matter what you are doing, you can devote yourself to it,
Regardless of whether this is something you want to do or not, all your attention can be focused on this place.
All the methods of practice are actually methods of controlling the mind in one place, whether it is meditation, meditation, or practice, meditation is no exception. They are all methods of "using one thought to stop all thoughts".
The so-called "eat when you eat, and chop when you chop wood" is to return your heart to what you are doing now, and your mind will not be shackled by the future and the past.
When meditation practice becomes a habit,
You will feel the peace and joy of living in the present moment at any time within 24 hours. At this time, your thoughts will die out naturally.


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