Keep These Five Points In Mind, You Can Definitely Practice Yoga well!

When we practice yoga
It is very important to have a good teacher to guide and correct asanas.
Because every individual has different requirements for details
The way to complete the exercise is also different.
But yoga is a personal practice. Classroom learning still needs to be used in life and integrated into one's own body. Therefore, here are five yoga formulas for everyone, keep them in mind, and get twice the result with half the effort!

Point 1: Spinal extension
 Spinal extension
When doing any asanas, please pay attention to whether you are stepping on your back. In yoga practice, we must maintain the extension of the spine in a neutral position, and practice other movements on this premise. If you do not maintain the correct posture, not only will you not get the exercise, it will have the opposite effect. The wrong large-scale exercise is not as good as the correct small-scale exercise.

Point 2: Balance the center of gravity
Balance the center of gravity
In the practice of yoga asanas, you must keep your body foundation stable. Different asanas have different centers of gravity. In asana exercises, it is very important to keep the foundation stable. If the foundation is unstable during exercises, it may cause physical damage.

Point 3: Tighten the core
In yoga practice, most asanas need to tighten the core. The core is not just the abdomen in the human body, but below the diaphragm. The parts above the pelvic floor muscles belong to the core of our human body, so it is not only to tighten the abdomen. Also pay more attention to the activation of other core areas besides the abdomen, only in this way can the exercise effect of the asana be fully realized.

Point 4: Breathe smoothly
Breathe smoothly
Beginners often forget to breathe or even hold their breath due to physical tension, lack of strength, etc., so please remind yourself to breathe at any time, especially when doing your own more challenging asanas, but also tell you to keep breathing smoothly. Smooth breathing is the foundation of all asanas.

Point 5: relax the shoulders and neck
relax the shoulders and neck

Whether doing stretching, twisting, balancing, or forward bending, more than 90% of beginners will involuntarily shrug their shoulders, causing muscle tension near the shoulders and necks. It was originally a course to relax the shoulders and necks. On the contrary, the pain in the shoulder and neck is more serious. Relaxing the shoulder and neck is not just talking. When practicing, you must silently say "relax the shoulder and neck" in your heart and then devote yourself to success.

If you condense the main points of these two crosses, it will be three words: foundation, balance and concentration. Yoga practice is a gradual process. When we practice yoga, as long as we master some key elements, it will become very easy and efficient. [END]

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