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Maternity Yoga
What are the benefits of practicing yoga & Pilates during pregnancy?
From pregnancy to childbirth, women's body and mind have to undergo a series of huge changes. For women, gestation and nurturing of new life is the most important stage in life. The physical and mental state during pregnancy is critical to the growth and development of the fetus, intellectual enlightenment, and the development of the mother's own birth process and postpartum recovery.

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(1) Before pregnancy
1. Adjust the pelvis to make you more likely to conceive;
2. You will know the correct breathing techniques and relaxation methods, so that your heart and lung muscles are in good condition, laying a good foundation for normal delivery and post-natal body recovery;
3. Relieve backache, back pain, strengthen joints and muscles, prevent bone loss and muscle fatigue.
(2) During pregnancy
1. Relieve stress. Relieve the tension of pregnant women, improve sleep, eliminate insomnia, and maintain a good mental state.
2. Promote fetal development. Controls hormonal secretion, promotes blood circulation, enhances myocardial contractility, increases oxygen intake, and promotes metabolism. At the same time, it also increases the oxygen and nutrient supply of the mother to the fetus and promotes the development of the fetal brain and body.
3. Enhance body function. Enhance physical strength and muscle tension, enhance the body's sense of balance, improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue. In particular, consciously exercising the muscles of the abdomen, waist, back and pelvis can avoid waist and leg pain caused by weight gain and changes in the center of gravity of pregnancy.
4. Help natural delivery. Relieve labor pains during labor and promote a smooth and natural delivery.

practicing yoga and Pilates during pregnancy
(3) Postpartum
1. Restore your slim figure. 6 months postpartum is a golden time for body recovery. Appropriate postpartum yoga and Pilates exercise can improve blood circulation, restore skin tension and reduce fat accumulation. It can also eliminate excess fat in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc., and restore the slim posture before pregnancy.
2. Adjust the mentality. Specific poses, effective breathing, and calm meditation can help the new mother to eliminate the physical and psychological problems caused by the mother, so that the new mother can adjust the mentality and prevent postpartum depression.
3. Restore body energy. New mothers often become weak and mentally weak after delivery. Yoga and Pilates exercises are of great help to the recovery of body energy. Postpartum recovery not only refers to the recovery of the body, but also the recovery of various organs of the body.
4. Prevent breast sagging. Postpartum yoga and Pilates exercises can make the new mother's milk sufficient, giving the baby a benign, joyful, and healthy milk. At the same time, the breasts of new mothers become firm and elastic, and can prevent breasts from sagging after breastfeeding.
5. Rebuild pelvic muscle tension. After birth, the pelvic muscle tissue is relaxed and the tension becomes weak. Moderate yoga training can not only enhance the elasticity of the perineal muscles, promote uterine contraction, prevent the uterus, bladder, and vagina from falling, and restore the uterus to a normal position. Supporting power of organs in the pelvis to prevent stress urinary incontinence ...
Medically, the pregnancy period of women is divided into the first, middle, and last three (three months of pregnancy). Pilates exercises for pregnant women are based on the medical pregnancy cycle and develop different cycles of training plans to ensure whether it is a group of muscle stretching or a limb Moving, will not make any overstretching movements or physical collisions.
What is the practice time of yoga & Pilates during pregnancy?
It is best for pregnant women to rest for 1-3 months. Yoga and Pilates are more suitable for more than 3 months to 7 months, which is helpful for birth and child development. Of course, the physiological characteristics of pregnant women are different in each stage of pregnancy, and fitness methods should be adjusted in time. Once you feel unwell, you should stop immediately.
1 to 3 months after childbirth is the period when women are the most vulnerable and physically weak. Medical experts have found that many diseases of Chinese women are hidden dangers caused by incomplete recovery after delivery. There are many disadvantages to maternal physical recovery. Experts reminded that some surveys show that about 28.6% of women in the world have various sequelae due to poor postpartum recovery, which has an impact on the health of their lives.

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note! Postpartum recovery is divided into 3 important stages:
1. Golden period
Within 42 days to 6 months after delivery, it belongs to the golden period of postpartum recovery. At this time, the postpartum body is the most vulnerable, and all physical indicators are in a serious imbalance state. If the blood and blood cannot be recovered within this time, the residual toxins cannot be effectively removed, and it is easy to delay and deteriorate into various diseases.
2. Ideal period
Within 6 months to one and a half years after delivery, it is the ideal recovery period for postpartum women. After the golden period of recovery, the toxins have been basically cleared, and the recovery of qi and blood has been basically completed. It is the best time to recover the body damage.
3. Validity period
Within one and a half to three years after delivery, it belongs to the final stage of recovery of postpartum women. At this stage, comprehensive conditioning should be carried out to achieve the best balance of body functions and smoothly transition to the normal life stage.

postpartum yoga
New mothers should not be anxious when doing postpartum yoga. They must relax their mindset to achieve the best results of postnatal yoga.

All in all, the benefits of new mothers practicing yoga and Pilates during pregnancy are many ~
Not only can you keep your body compact and stylish ~ quickly enter the hot mom family ~
And it can alleviate postpartum depression ~ Make your mood happy ~

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