Newbies practice yoga, how to avoid excessive injury and pain?

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In yoga classes, I often hear many students complain of back pain.
Especially in the practice of standing forward bend, cobra, upward-facing dog, boat, inclined board, and other asanas, a lot of yogis will feel waist pain, this is why?
yoga forward bend
The first thing to do when you experience back pain in a pose is to stop the current practice and then check to see if there is something wrong with your practice and correct it.

How do you detect when something is wrong with your approach?
It can be checked from the following aspects:
1. Whether the body is in a normal position
Practice yoga any asana, must have the concept of orthostatic, the foundation must be stable.
Dislocation will surely cause pain and injury.
boat pose
2. Whether the spine is extended
The importance of spine extension is well known to many.
If the spine is not well extended, the space of the lumbar spine is limited, and the waist is compressed, pain will naturally occur.
yoga spine extension
3. Whether the pelvis rotates correctly
It is important to practice yoga and learn to rotate the pelvis.
In postflexural asana, if the back bends in the cave-in state, the lumbar spine will be compressed, the pressure will increase the pain.
Therefore, in the training of the postures, the pelvis should be rotated backward as far as possible to increase the space for the extension of the lumbar spine and avoid pain in the lower back.
In forward bending, try to rotate the pelvis first, then fold forward bending to reduce pressure at the waist.
pelvis rotates
4. Whether the core is activated
Many people believe that in many non-core asana training, the abdomen is relaxed, in fact, this is a very big mistake.
In yoga tips, the abdomen needs to be activated to stay awake, even when the body is relaxed.
During the back bends and forward bends, the abdomen must be tightly controlled and extended to keep the core of the abdomen stable and protect the lumbar spine from injury.
yoga wheel pose
5. Whether asanas are beyond the body's endurance
There are a lot of people eager to achieve, compared with others, eager to practice some of the more difficult asanas.
But yoga should be done step by step, under the guidance of a teacher, and don't risk your body.
yoga handstand pose
In addition to this, here are some other things you should be aware of while practicing yoga:

1. If you feel any pain while doing yoga, please stop immediately.
With yoga, many People think pain is normal, but beginners don't know the difference between normal and abnormal pain.
Therefore, when doing yoga, if there is any pain, please stop immediately, and consult a professional yoga teacher, do not suppress the pain, resulting in injury.

2. It is not suitable for intensive yoga training during menstruation and mood swings.
During anger, anxiety, tension, sadness, or menstruation, the body becomes very stiff and the muscles and joints become very tight.
In such a situation, try not to do heavy training, it is easy to get injured, you can do appropriate breathing, meditation or rest.
yoga lotus pose
3. Don't practice yoga an hour before or after dinner.
Yoga moves involve forward twists and turns, and an hour before and after a meal can increase the burden on the stomach, leading to gastrointestinal function problems.

4. Everyone has different physical qualities, so don't compare with others.
Practice yoga, everyone's physical condition is not the same, practice yoga, an action others can do, you can not do is very normal things, must not compare with others, otherwise it is easy to get hurt.

Finally, it is necessary to remind newbies to practice yoga, in order to avoid injury and other unnecessary injuries, please be sure to go to a professional yoga studio to find a professional teacher to practice, otherwise, would rather not practice, or do not practice blindly.


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