Pilates and Rehabilitation Exercise

Studies have shown that Pilates exercise stimulates the production of joint lubricants through stretching, relaxes leg, back, neck and shoulder muscles, relieves joint pain and muscle tension, and has a significant effect on the treatment of arthritis The core joints are more stable and firm, and can prevent the occurrence of sports injuries, while enhancing the flexibility of the body.

Overview of Pilates
Pilates is based on the essence of yoga in the East, Tai Chi and ancient Roman health in the West and Greece. Through the control of brain consciousness, smooth body movements and precise breathing can strengthen the core muscles of the human body, improve flexibility and a kind of balances, improves bad posture, balances sculptural shapes, and relieves stress.
1.Characteristics of Pilates
The characteristics of Pilates include science, safety, comprehensiveness, challenge and comfort.
2.The value of Pilates
1. Increase the flexibility of the back; 2. Shape the vertebra; 3. Adjust the psychology; 4. Improve the balance of the body; 5. Reduce joint pain;

Overview of rehabilitation exercises
Recovery means "recovery" and "return to the original normal or good condition". The medicine and technology applied to the dysfunction caused by diseases and injuries to return to or as close to normal as possible is called "rehabilitation exercise".
1.Characteristics of rehabilitation exercise
The characteristics of rehabilitation exercise are as follows: 1. Highly targeted; 2. Initiative; 3. Natural; 4. Dual effects;
2.Value and significance of rehabilitation exercise
① Prevent the occurrence and development of secondary disorders in patients.
② It can actively prevent complications such as muscle atrophy, joint stiffness and bedsores.
③ Maintain cardiopulmonary and circulatory functions, promote the recovery of dysfunction, and lay the foundation for future system rehabilitation.
⑤ Prevent osteoporosis.
⑥ Significantly improve the quality of life and enable patients to return to society as soon as possible.
⑦ Restore the patient's ability to take care of themselves as soon as possible, and reduce the burden on the family and society.

From the above-mentioned respective characteristics and the value of sports, we can see that the relationship between Pilates exercise and rehabilitation exercise is mutual support and mutual use. Pilates exercise will use the knowledge in rehabilitation, Pilates is also used in sports rehabilitation. By introducing the characteristics of Pilates strengthening core muscle training and stretching exercise into the rehabilitation training, not only makes the core muscles of the human body develop in a coordinated manner, but also the core joints are more stable and firm, the ligaments are elongated, the ligaments are strengthened, and the speed and flexibility are improved. It is not only beneficial for patients participating in rehabilitation exercises to recover quickly, but also prevents sports injuries.



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