Practicing yoga, why recommend you do more flexible spine exercises?

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Practicing yoga, the careful yogis will find that every yoga class, the yoga teacher will take us to practice, there will be exercises involving flexible spine

Before doing all yoga movements, you must also maintain the correct alignment and extension of the spine, and then perform in-depth practice.
Why is this? Why do yoga teachers suggest us to do more flexible spine exercises?
Reason 1:
The spine is the human spine, also known as the "keel". It functions like the roof pillar of a house. It plays a decisive role in supporting and bearing, shock absorption, protection and sports. It is very important to the human body.
down dog extrend the spine
Reason 2:
The most important criteria for the spine are toughness, strength, and elasticity, because the biggest function of the spine is to reduce impact and reduce load. The weakening of the flexibility of the spine is the earliest sign of human aging. This is why the saying goes, "How much is the spine? Flexibility is one of the reasons why people are so young.
sitting posture

Reason 3:
If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the spine, spine stiffness and aging, the spine will begin aging, and then appear cervical spondylosis, oblique shoulder, hunchback, low back pain, back pain, lumbar bone hyperplasia, scoliosis and other symptoms, people will also because of these problems of the spine and show the state of aging.

driving posture

Reason 4:
As modern people, it is inevitable that we have to sit in front of the computer for a long time every day, or look down at the mobile phone for a long time, or drive a car. This kind of living condition will accelerate the speed of spine stiffness and aging. Related issues, young people are now gradually becoming a high-risk area.
yogo extension
Reason 5:
Most of the movements in yoga are related to the spine. If the spine is too stiff, many movements are difficult to complete. The stiffness of the spine will also directly affect the flexibility of the shoulder and hip joints, and these are important for yoga. For the practitioner, they are all very important.

Therefore, to practice yoga, you must often do more flexible spine exercises.

6 yoga moves to help you flexibly maintain your spine

1. Seated spinal twist

Seated spinal twist

• Sit easily, twist your body to the right
• Maintain 5-8 breaths, restore
• Turn the body to the left to restore
• Keep for 5-8 breaths, lying prone forward and downward
• Stretch your arms forward and hold for 5-8 breaths

2. Cat and cow pose
Cat and cow pose
• Kneeling on the mat
• Keep your knees and hands hip-width apart
• Keep your calves and insteps on the ground, inhale and raise your chest
• The abdomen should be controlled and the chest should be arched in the exhale
• Pay attention to the extension of each spine
• Repeat the exercise for 5-8 groups

3. The hero bends forward
The hero bends forward
• Kneel and stand on the mat with your feet together
• Separate your legs slightly, inhale to extend the spine
• Exhale and lie down on your stomach with your knees on both sides of your torso
• Extend your arms forward, touch your forehead
• Hold for 5-8 breaths

4. Cobra pose
Cobra pose
• Lie on your stomach on the cushion with your hands on both sides of your chest
• Put your hands together and tighten your thighs
• Exhale, extend the spine and open the chest
• Gently push the ground with both hands to enter the cobra pose
• Keep your abdomen from lifting off the ground
• The waist should have a controlled extension, don’t bend the waist
• Hold for 5-8 breaths

5. Small bridge pose
 Small bridge pose
• Lie on your back with your feet hip-width apart
• Put your hands on your sides
• Bend your knees and keep your feet close to your hips
• Slowly raise the hips upwards
• Vertical cushions for both calves and parallel thighs
• Hold for 5-8 breaths

6. supine spinal twist
supine spinal twist
• Lie on your back with your hands raised on the side
• Inhale to extend the spine, exhale and twist the hip to the right
• Keep your shoulders away from the cushion
• Look to the left fingertips
• Hold for 5-8 breaths, switch to the other side

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