Three incorrect yoga poses will cause waist pain, please do pay attention especially!

Today, I will share with you three types of yoga poses that are common in yoga. It is easy to make mistakes and cause waist pain. The beginners who practice yoga should pay special attention.

1. Forward bending pose
forward bending

standing forward

forward flexion pose
Regardless of whether it is standing forward flexion or sitting forward flexion, in the forward flexion pose, if the back is arched for a long time, the pressure is concentrated on the lumbar spine, which not only easily causes lumbar pain, but also exacerbates lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation.
sitting forward flexion demonstration

 standing forwad flexion demonstration
Therefore, when practicing yoga forward bending, you must learn to rotate the pelvis forward and the spine extends.

In the process of practice, try to keep the normal curve of the spine as much as possible. You can reduce the difficulty of the asana by slightly bending the knee or using yoga props. Never increase the amplitude of the asana through the compensation of the lumbar spine.

2. Backbend asana
 the psoas in wheel and camel pose

back pain demonstraion
Generally speaking, yoga's backbend pose has a good healing effect for yogis with back pain, but if the method of backbend practice is not correct

During exercise, the abdomen is completely relaxed, and the pressure is concentrated on the lumbar spine. Not only can it not achieve the effect of treating lumbar pain, but it will make the problem of lumbar pain worse.
wrong yoga pose demonstration

correct updog demonstration
Therefore, when practicing backbend asanas, our yogis must first activate the core, activate the deep muscles around the waist, maintain the correct intra-abdominal pressure, first protect the safety of the lumbar spine, and then proceed backbend practice under the neutral premise of the pelvis and lumbar spine. 

3. Strengthen the core asana
correct plank pose demonstration

correct four limbed staff pose demonstration
Practicing yoga strengthens the core posture, originally to strengthen the muscles around the lumbar spine, thereby protecting the lumbar spine.

But if this type of pose is wrong, you will collapse your waist and hips during exercise, breathe incorrectly, and relax your abdomen. Not only can you not strengthen the core, but it will cause back pain.
correct bow pose demonstration
Therefore, practice to strengthen the core asanas. Yogis must adjust their breathing first. When exhaling, the abdomen should be as close as possible to the spine. Find the feeling of abdominal activation before you practice.

During the practice, be sure to maintain the neutral position of the spine and pelvis as much as possible to avoid spine flexion and concentrate the pressure on the lumbar spine.

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