Three Pilates Movements to Improve Lumbar Muscle Strain


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For some white-collar workers who often sit in front of the computer to work, or some blue-collar workers who often need to do manual labor, there may be lumbar muscle strain.
In short, long-term use of a muscle or frequent failure to use it can cause strain. This is how lumbar muscle strain is formed. Excessive stress, long-term desk work, and frequent housework, such as incorrect posture, are the main causes of lumbar muscle strain.

lumbar muscle strain
It is worth mentioning that lumbar muscle strain is not equivalent to lumbar disc herniation. Lumbar disc herniation means one-day prolapse and life-long prolapse. There is still space for improvement in lumbar muscle strain. Routine training is not very effective. Our best training is Pilates. Here are four targeted trainings to improve lumbar muscle strain:

First, Supine roll up
Supine neutral position, the core of the waist and abdomen is tightened, and the chin is slightly closed. Inhale with both hands raised high, exhale arm to drive the torso rolled up, the belly button retracted inward without bulging, keep the knee as stable as possible, imagine the body rises and falls like a tank track.

Supine roll up

Second, scroll down
The body is leaning against the wall, the lumbar spine maintains normal physiological flexion, the feet are the same width as the hip, and a small step is taken. The inspiratory hands raise up, and the exhaled arms drive the spine to roll down, and the navel as much as possible Pull inwards, the torso slightly off the wall, the chin keeps tightening, and then slowly restore upward.

scroll down

Third, cat pose
In a kneeling neutral position, the chin is tightened, the back is straightened and the core is tightened, the arms and thighs are perpendicular to the ground, and the instep is against the ground. Exhale the pelvis backward, bend the spine section to section to the maximum limit, inhale to the maximum extension angle, and repeat the action.

cat pose
Lumbar muscle strain seems to us to be occasionally painful in the lower back, but if it is not adjusted, it will damage our lumbar spine and trunk in the long term and affect normal life.
Therefore, for good health, why don't we spend about half an hour every day to complete these trainings?

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