Three standards for good yoga clothes

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At present, there are many types of yoga clothes on the market, and the prices are different. How can we buy the right yoga clothes? I think good yoga includes the following three points:

First, the fabric must be comfortable and breathable
When practicing yoga, the amount of exercise and body is more stretched and sweating more, Our yoga clothing fabric should have good elasticity, breathability, good sweat absorption, easy to dry these characteristics. Otherwise it will easily affect your practice. "Spandex / nylon" yoga suits have these attributes and are the most suitable fabrics for yoga suits, while cotton and linen are good in breathability and sweat absorption, but poor elasticity and are not easy to dry. So they are not suitable for yoga clothes.

Second, the design should be tight
Generally speaking, it is not recommended to choose a loose top for practicing yoga. You have to think about what will happen to the loose top when standing upside down. So a tight top is better, and a sports bra is more appropriate. Yoga pants are not recommended to be loose, but to be tight, because tight yoga pants make it more easily to see the muscle lines, status and direction. Leggings are designed in conjunction with the stretch of yoga itself to better achieve the effect of training. Wearing baggy pants, you may not know if your knees are overstretched, and whether your big and small leg muscles are rotating in order. This may prevent you from practicing yoga better.

Third, clothes design should be simple
Choose simple and easy clothes. Now, in order to win the purchase and attention, many sellers will add a lot of decoration to the design of clothes to make them look better! But I really don't recommend choosing this, because we want to practice yoga in a relaxed environment. Don't let too much decoration on our clothes affect our practice.

Above is my a few Suggestions that choose a yoga suit, hope can be helpful to you! (end)


Here are some items recommended as following for reference:

1. High waist yoga pants with pockets
In order to better solve the problem of the workout pants slipping during exercise, we adopt a new solution. The gradual narrowing of the high-waisted design and the unique cut of the buttocks perfectly fits your legs and abdomen to prevent slipping and tummy control. The high waisted yoga leggings can shape your curves and give you a streamlined look. The tummy control running leggings make you look sexy and eye-catching.
Yoga Pants with Pockets feature 2 Pockets on both sides, which easily store your phone or other essentials. Simply slip your phone into one of the pockets and carry on with your activities. Even better, there's a hidden Inner Pocket in the waistband for additional items that you may need to stash such as keys, clips or cash when doing every workout. Perfect for yoga, running, fitness, gym, exercise, athletic, squat proof, and everyday casual wear.
Thick leggings can't be see-through when exercise. Compression leggings allow you to workout in confidence. 4-way stretch running pants are made from sweat-wicking, breathable, durable fabric for max comfort and mobility.
Our yoga pants feature unique sewing techniques that make the stitches straighter & firmer and prevents you from situations such as tearing. Workout leggings are designed to perfectly fit your leg shape, outlines your curve aesthetically with dedicated stitching.

High waist yoga pants with pockets

2.Printed yoga bra and pants set
One pack comes with 2 pieces (including bra and leggings).
88% Polyester,12% Elastane, four-way stretch fabric, elastic, soft and comfortable.
We put functionality and materials in the first place, while the appearance is equally important. With digital 3D printing technique and active fashionable patterns, you can say goodbye to the boring black & white combination.
Stylish gym clothes for women and girls, go to match with your everyday wear, such as jackets, tank tops, t-shirts, etc. Perfect fit for fitness, jogging, running, aerobics, Pilates, workout and cycling.

Printed yoga bra and pants set

3.Pullover style and removeable pads high support sports bra
The women's sport bra pack is made from moisture-wicking, breathable, high performance fabrics. The fabric delivers relentless support with a super-soft luxurious feel. Super-soft fabric wicks moisture to help you stay sweat-free and chafe-free. Four-way stretch fabric enhances comfort and allows wider range of movement. Lightweight fabric is designed to contour perfectly to your body, giving you a streamlined look. Wearing this compression sports bra is just like the material hugging you.
This sports bra is built for High /Medium-Impact activity and all-day comfort. removable lightly-padded cups, designed to withstand medium impact workouts, protect your breasts from harm. This stylish sport bra is great for wearing under workout shirts as well as non-workout wear, such as tank tops and light clothing.
Bottom band elastic with strong modulus for secure snug fit and stability. Plush back channels on elastic offer comfort and help move moisture away from the body.
This racerback sports bras are seamless but supportive for the sports. Antiskid shoulder straps: You don't have to worry about shoulder straps slipping off while doing exercise. Women high support sports bra can be as dance bra and run sports bra is comfortable. Wide applications: this wire free comfort bra fits for sleep, yoga class, do sports, everyday, leisure, work out, etc.

Pullover style and removeable pads high support sports bra

4.High waist printed yoga pants
Compression pants and workout leggings are confidently perfect for gym, yoga and everyday fitness. You will not take it off once put it on. Our athletic capris use technically innovative premium fabric with high stretch and density: 88% Polyester & 12% Spandex. The special molecular in the fabric has functions of sweat wicking, venting, dry fit and sun-protection, makes you feel fresh and comfortable while exercising.
High stretch and high density compression 4-way stretch technique fabric, super thick enough to not see-through. The fabric has amazing tensile strength, significantly improves mobility and comfort when doing intense stretching exercise, as if you had a recycle bump on thighs and hips. High-density stitching fabric slims your body, stimulates blood circulation and increases lactate metabolism, reduces muscle injury and eventually strengthen your body with full muscle coverage.
We put functionality and materials in the first place, while the appearance is equally important. With digital 3D printing technique and active fashionable patterns, you can say goodbye to the boring black & white combination. Compression leggings is not only functionable, but it is also a supreme quality leisure high-waist legging. They are suitable for all sports, as well as leisure parties.

High waist printed yoga pants

5.Women’s Workout Running Capris
The mesh panels on the workout leggings both sides to improve breathability and hide muscles for women. The mesh compression leggings enjoy a strong texture contrast and these mesh panels will make you be a focus during on the yoga pants. The Mesh women workout pants combine fashion, function and performance.
The fashion yoga capris made from high-density fabric to achieve absolutely No See Thru workout pants for women. Meanwhile, the 4-way stretch tech to feel like your every motion maximize freely.
In order to solve the problem about the waistband slip down when you exercising. We specially improved waistband on the high waist tummy control leggings that tightening waistband. The newly designed waistband is perfect for your tummy control leggings, also stay on your waist tightly keeps you feeling covered and secure.

Women’s Workout Running Capris

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