Tips of 8 yoga poses for beginners

yoga beginners yoga pose yoga tips

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The following are the poses that yoga beginners often practice. I will show you here ~
If you want to upgrade your level, first you should do this
1. Locust pose
Many beginners can't lift their legs during the locust pose exercises. You can use yoga blocks and place them on the front of the thighs and under the ribs to help the legs open and the chest cavity open better.
yoga Locust pose

2. Beginners of yoga often can't stand up in the push-up plank pose. You can use yoga blocks in the early stage and gradually decrease with the deepening of the practice.
yoga Push-up plank pose

3. Puppy stretch
This is a common open shoulder pose. The pelvis is just above the knee in the early stage, and then you can try to straighten the leg.
yoga Puppy stretch pose
4. Supine hero
If you can't go down, you can use yoga blocks, one placed in the thoracic spine and one placed on the back of the head, which makes ease.
yoga Supine hero pose
5. Supine spinal torsion
It is much more comfortable for beginners to put a yoga block under their knees
yoga Supine spinal torsion pose
6. Pigeon pose
Beginners can assist with the help of elastic bands
yoga Pigeon pose
7. Downward facing dog pose
Beginners find it difficult to use yoga blocks under their hands to reduce leg stretching.
Downward facing dog pose
8. Dance King variant pose
To maintain balance and reduce the difficulty, beginners can use yoga blocks to maintain balance.
yoga Dance King variant pose
Many people can't stop practicing yoga once they start doing it. When you see someone who does a good job, they often persist in practice for several years. The most taboo of practice yoga is eager for success and three days of fishing and two days of drying the net, as long as you can achieve these two points, there will be a radical change of life.

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