Yoga towel makes you practice yoga more safely

yoga towel

Yoga practice often uses some yoga aids. For example: yoga mats, yoga clothes are necessary yoga aids; yoga balls, yoga bricks, yoga towels, etc. These yoga clothes are good for better yoga practice.
Many yoga enthusiasts are familiar with these yoga aids such as yoga mats, yoga clothes, yoga balls, and yoga bricks. You may not know much about yoga towels.

yoga towel

Some yoga enthusiasts may have questions. Why do you need to use yoga towels when you already have yoga mats?
Actually, a yoga towel is a yoga aid that makes you practice yoga more safely.

Now let's see what benefits it has!
Yoga shop towel makes you practice yoga more safely

1. Spread on a yoga mat to absorb sweat. (You should know that when doing yoga moves, the body will often emit a lot of sweat and drip on the yoga mat, causing uncomfortable sticking. At this time, you can use this super absorbent cloth to spread on the yoga mat to effectively absorb sweat.

2. Prevent inhalation of bacteria on yoga mats, prevent certain facial movements approaching yoga mats and inhalation of bacteria or dust mites during yoga.

3. The unique capillary adsorption effect of ultrafine fibers makes the fabric have the characteristics of fast water absorption and quick drying.

4. There are non-slip rubber particles on the back, which can fix the towel on the mat without sliding, effectively assist the stretching and balance of yoga, and improve the safety and comfort of the exercise. During the exercise, the unevenness of the rubber particles has a good massage effect on the soles of the feet and the back, and promotes blood circulation.

5. Lightweight, versatile and easy to carry.

6. Yoga towel cleaning is also very convenient. Most of them can be machine washed directly and dried.
Remind everyone that when choosing a yoga towel, you must choose a soft, comfortable, bright color, no breeding bacteria, no odor, not easy to pilling, no hair, not easy to shred!

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